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Please note: the following is provided for informational purposes only. Skin by A2 MedSpa believes that our clients should be well informed prior to undergoing any treatment. Plan to discuss treatment options with your provider, understanding that their recommendations are based on skin type, your expected treatment outcome, and the overall health of your skin prior to treatment.


Mesotherapy is a technique invented in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor to deliver medications just below the skin surface. While pills expose the entire body to chemical side effects, Mesotherapy is injected only where it is needed. Mesotherapy targets fat and connective tissues under the skin. It greatly improves cellulite and stubborn fat pads like the "love handles", "baby belly", and "saddlebags". Over the past 50 years, more than 15,000 physicians whorl-wide have used Mesotherapy for many uses, including spot weight reduction, cellulite reduction, eyelid fat pad reduction, "double chin" and wrinkle elimination.

In 1987, the French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as an inherent part of traditional medicine. The International Society of Mesotherapy encompasses 14 countries throughout Europe and South America.

In Mesotherapy, very small doses of different medications are administered in specific areas, depending on the condition being treated. All pharmaceuticals used for Mesotherapy are FDA approved. Interestingly, the combination of these medicines for Mesotherapy are considered "off-label" purposes.

A similar situation occurred with Butulinum Toxin (BOTOX Cosmetic). Although Botulinum Toxin was initially FDA approved only for controlling muscle spasms, the demand for its cosmetic properties prompted plastic surgeons and dermatologists to use Botulinum Toxin "off label" safely and effectively for many years before it was FDA approved for cosmetic indications.

Liposuction does not treat cellulite and in fact, often ends up worsening the appearance of cellulite. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly and results in a smoother skin surface. Mesotherapy also targets fat reduction in areas. The fat deposits flush out of specific areas and the body does not gain weight back in abnormal places, which often happens after liposuction. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that does not require hospital admittance, general anesthesia or downtime.

Please be aware that mesotherapy has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to treat any illness.